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DtSearch is an extremely powerful search engine that can search through terabytes of indexed information. It works by creating indexes that store the exact location of words in documents. The program supports many file types, so it is possible to index all of the files on server or computer of choice. Along with searching in only indexes, the program also allows the user to either search unindexed files, or a combination of both indexed and unindexed files. The newest version that is coming out is version 7.4 and it allows for some new microsoft formats to be supported. Some of the new formats are WIN, .NET and a search engine for the linux program. DtSearch can also be helpful as a publishing tool. There are over two dozen full-text search options. The program will highlight the items you are searching for and also highlight hits in html. The program can convert files into and out of different file types including emails, spreadsheets, audio and visual files as well. DtSearch also works with its built in Spider software as a third party or other websites to refine searches not only in stored data but the endless data from the internet. The spider compatibility with dtSearch allows functionality through a .NET/.NET 2.0 API. The spider supports public sites, secure content HTTPS, password-accessible sites, and forms-based authentication searching of the Web-based content to any content (HTML, XML, etc.) as well as dymanic content with WYSEYG display of native Web-based content with highlight hits integrated relevancy-ranking of Spidered and non-Spidered content.

Indexed versus Unindexed Searching

Because DtSearch allows the user to search both indexed files and unindexed files, it is important for the user to understand what that means exactly. Indexed files store each unique word in a document collection and its location within each document. Meaning that every unique word in a document is stored, rather than storing the document as a whole. This allows for quicker more accurate searches. On the other hand, and unindexed search only searches the computer files for certain key words to determine the threshold relevance. In doing so, it does not fully search any whole document, rather only certain words and determines relevance of the document based upon that.

DtSearch Desktop

This program also comes with a desktop feature that allows the user to operate easier. It has a scrolling word list for instant feedback or response, comes with a look-up word feature that uses the searches of fuzzy, phonic, wildcard, stemming and thesaurus search options. Some of the others features provided are the browse and customize feature, a field button that shows all indexed documents, a search history, it will search reports, has a clipboard option, file launching and many other neat features to help the user operate faster and easier. DtSearch is a intricate program that is a new breakthrough for the technological world. It is compatible with various other search engines and Spiders. The program is continuously being upgraded in order to preform faster and more efficiently.

DtSearch Reviews

“dtSearch — The Ultimate Search Machine ... more quickly than you can spill your coffee, any document matching your request will appear ...Searches can be made on gigabytes of information and will generally return results in less than a second ... This one is fast, easy and a pleasure to use.”
-- dataBASE d-ZINE

“The grandaddy of all text search and retrieval programs, dtSearch can search through literally gigabytes of text on your computer or across a network to find the information you want. dtSearch includes built-in file viewers, graphics viewing, cut-and-paste, and file launching.”
-- PC World Online, Editors’ Pick

“One product that I am hot to trot about is dtSearch Desktop, the search tool I use just about every day. It’s a terrific tool for finding files based on the data inside the files.”
--PC World.com (column)

dtSearch “will help you pick a needle out of a haystack ... wade through lots of bits and bytes in a hurry.”
--NBC4, Digital Edge

“dtSearch provides an incredibly powerful search engine to help you comb through everything from your desktop to your network to the Internet ... an invaluable tool in law offices, recruiting, medical research, and government offices ... dtSearch has unleashed the single most efficient text retrieval application available”
-- PC Upgrade Magazine

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