iLife 09’

iLife 09’ is apple’s newest software suite for 2009. It features many of the old programs but with new and intuitive features that makes it the must have for all mac owners. By purchasing the new version of iLife you will receive upgrades to iPhoto, iWeb, iDVD, iMovie and Garageband.
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GarageBand '09

GarageBand '09 lets users learn new instruments, record their own songs, and write new music. It is basically a portable record studio with music lessons.

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Learn to Play: Basic Lessons.
This application has already helped millions of people create their own music. There are nine video lessons that you can watch to learn the basics of your instrument like chord structures and correct finger placement. Basic Lessons give you complete control over how you learn. And when you’re more comfortable, you can practice your new skills with a complete backing band.

Learn to Play: Artist Lessons.*
What’s a better way to learn a song then to be taught by the artist of said song?
Artist Lessons include:
Sting - “Roxanne,”

Colbie Caillat - “Bubbly,”
Fall Out Boy - “I Don’t Care,”
and many more.
You can even look through the Lesson Store in GarageBand to preview other songs taught by the artists and download those you wish to learn. Then get step-by-step instructions for chords, finger positions, and techniques from the people who know your favorite songs best. Even play along with their bands.

Plug and play.
Turn your Mac into a musical instrument.
With GarageBand, you can plug a USB music keyboard into a Mac and be able to use over 100 software instruments; everything from brass to woodwinds. If you don’t have a keyboard, no worries, you can use an onscreen one that comes with the programs. It can resize and display up to 10 octaves at once. You can also turn on “Musical Typing” as well and use the keys on your keyboard to play individual notes depending on the pitch. If you are more advanced and can read music, you can use GaragBand’s music notation and see the music you create on staff paper. You can print the music when you’re done.

Jam with a full-screen band.
After you have practiced with your basic and artist video lessons you can record yourself solo or with a group. You can pick instruments for your guitarist, bassist, drummer, and keyboard player and have them play back up while you rock out. You can practice as much as you want and when you are satisfied with everything you can record it using Magic GarageBand and save it to your computer to use it however you choose.


iPhoto '09

Face Recognition
Now you can created Albums based on the people who are in all of your photos. It's hard to keep track of who's in ever photo on your computer. By putting a name to a face in just a couple of your photos, the "Faces" feature will use face recognition to track that face in every other picture on your computer. For every face you put a name to, an album is created for that person. So say you save a few new family photos on your computer and forget about them. The "Faces" feature takes it upon itself to search through any new photos and tag them for you. So next time you're looking for the most recent photos of, lets say your sister, you can open the Faces view and there is a list of every person you have named to click on.

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Categorize photos based on their location.
Now there is a feature that can be used to organize the photos in your albums based on the location they were taken. Say you took a trip to Europe and you've uploaded so many pictures its hard to know where you were in everyone. Using information from GPS-enabled cameras or just the information from your iPhone camera, The "Places" feature can label your photos to make them easy to search for. It also creates a map, using Google, showing every point you took pictures at.

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New themes for slideshows.external image slideshows_img_20090106.jpg
iPhoto '09 has six new themes to make your pictures fun to look at on your computer. Incorporating many of the classic features of slide shows such as scrapbook and sliding panel. Now you can take your iPhoto slide shows on the run and upload them to your iPod and iPhone. You can even upload them wirelessly to your TV through Apple TV

Online Capabilities

By combining Facebook, Flickr and the Internet, iPhoto 09' allows you to automatically tag and upload pictures to your social networking sites. Using the "Faces," feature it uses the faces that are already registered into your computer to tag your photos automatically. With literally the click of a button, you have uploaded your new photos to your site without having to actually go through Facebook and Flickr.

iWeb '09
With the iWeb '09 application it's simple to create you own website. You can create your site using themes already included in the software. You can also customize it with your own pictures, text, videos, and even widgets.

Coming up with a design for your site is as easy. Select one of the Apple-design themes. These themes come with fonts, backgrounds, and colors that coordinate together so your site looks that same all over. Once you have your theme, the next step is to pick a page template. You can make as may as you want. iWeb includes photo album, about me, welcome, and movie templates. Last you can tweak the layout of your page using the user-friendly iWeb tools. With these tools you just type your text into placeholders, or drag and drop movies and photos as you please. With iWeb there is no need to have coding experience because there is no coding required. By simply using the features included with iWeb there is nothing between you and a perfect site.


Music, Movies, and More
widget.jpgYou already have song made using the GarageBand app, photos in iPhoto, and movies created using iMovie. Using iWeb it's easy to share all of these on your own website. Using the media button you can open the iLife media browser. This browser allows you to search through all you media files including songs, photos, as well as movies. From here iWeb '09 allows you to drag and drop any media files directly on to your website. By using some widgets you can make the site fun and interactive. Just like you drag and drop your media files onto your site, the same goes for adding iSight pics, videos from YouTube, RSS feeds, and even countdown timers for special events. Simply choose a widget, drop it onto your site, and put it wherever you like.

iMovie ' 09
iMovie is a place to create and edit your photos and videos to create slideshows and home movies.
external image whatsnew_dragndrop_20090106.jpgAdvanced Editing

In this new version of iMovie every movie maker whether novice or perfectionist will be pleased. the new drag-and-drop editing includes more perks such as cutaways, picture-in-picture, and green-screen effects. the new Application of precision editor lets you edit your movies to the slightest degree. it displays a magnified filmstrip that shows exactly where one clip ends and the next begins so you can precisely edit your video. You can now edit audio and video independently, so you can use the sound from one clip with the video from another. Also new to iMovie '09 is the new use of "Video Stabilization." While taking home movies we all cannot have the pleasure of a steady hand or a tripod. this new program eliminates shakiness and distortion from zoomed in movies and equalizes it. external image whatsnew_precisioneditor_20090106.jpg
external image whatsnew_mbpro_titles_20090106.jpgNew GraphicsThe new iMovie gives you updated effects and slide show features that are new since 08'. iMovie ’09 introduces 18 new animated titles, and the Title Browser gives you a sneak peek at every one


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