The iPhone broke through as a completely new gadget in 2007. It was the first Smartphone that used a touch screen to navigate through commands. Time magazine named Apple’s iPhone the Invention of the Year in 2007. The iPhone has very unique features that surpass any other phone of its time. The software updating feature on the iPhone will make it just as contemporary as any phone on the market. Another interesting feature on the iPhone is the abilities of the applications. Although there have already been three versions of the iPhone in the three years it has been out, it is always evolving and allows the original iPhone holders to stay current with its software updating system. Look for the iPhone to continue to run away with consumer popularity for years to come.


“Yeah, there’s an App for that.” This has become the well-known ad campaign slogan for the iPhone since the release in July 2007. However this slogan has held pretty true through these past 2 years, as over 83,000 applications have been available that covers everything from video games to apps that help you quit smoking. The iPhone is starting to look like a universal tool more and more with each application that is put out. For instance, let’s say you want to take a girl out tonight. You can get directions to the restaurant, get the number and make reservations, get directions from the restaurant to the movie theater, and book the tickets all in a matter of minutes and without having to shuffle through a phone book for the number and address. It is becoming such a huge piece of technology, and it has definitely changed the future of smart phones.

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