Description is a convenient way to listen to all your favorite music in one place. The service is free, but a payed subscription can be purchased to eliminate the inconvenience of advertisements that are pitched regularly between music playback. As users listen to music, will automatically keep a log of what users listen to and and through this log it creates preferences for each individual to give users an enjoyable music experience that relates to their personal interests. provides a great user environment that caters to the tastes of everyone making it a great place to listen to music, join groups with similar musical interests and experience radio in a whole new way.

Features offers free user accounts as well as registered user accounts. The perk of being registered is being able to access more features such as sending and receiving private messages and use of the client music player.'s music library contains over 7 million individual audio tracks from artists on major commercial and independent labels. With the user is able to construct a musical profile page either by listening to their own personal music collection on a computer, iPod, or through the internet radio service. All songs played by the user are added to a log where bar charts of artists and tracks are shown and recommendations of other music are suggested. Users have several different charts available, such as Top Artists, Top Tracks, and Top Albums, as well as Weekly Top Artists and Weekly Top Tracks. The charts are based on the number of people listening to the track, album or artist recorded either through the Audioscrobbler plugin or the radio stream. gives users the ability to use a program called the "Scrobbler" which adds music to users playlists based on the music they have listened to. As advertised on the website, "The Scrobbler automatically fills and updates your library with what you've been listening to on your computer or ipod."

"The Dashboard" is the most recent added service that features on the users personal profile page. It lists suggested new music, events, journal entries, and people with similar interests all based on the user's preference.

Another feature are groups. Users are capable of creating a group and adding members. generates a group profile page which is similar to the users' profiles, displaying related data. The perk here is having group discussions and journal space. There is also a group radio station based on the group members' profiles.

The events feature lets users indicate a location and a surrounding area, this feature suggests concerts or festivals that the users may want to attend in that selected area. Registered users are capable of creating or adding new event or venues and posting pictures from the event which will be added on the band's main page.




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It is not the customized radio station aspect that makes standout, because both, Pandora, and other similar sites produce pretty similar results.'s player uses its own free software, so if your browser crashes, your device still plays, as long as there's still an Internet connection. However, on a down side, this means you must download the software wherever you want to listen to, whereas you can access Pandora simply by opening a Web page on any Internet-connected computer. It also has an edge on Pandora because it becomes a social network as well. One can connect with friends or other people that have similar music interests. Overall, a really good customized radio station that allows users to experience internet radio in a whole new way.

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