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Scheduled to launch on November 4, 2010, the Xbox Kinect is a webcam device which creates a controller-free gaming experience. The Kinect sensor interprets gestures, spoken commands, and presented objects serving as more than just a gaming device. Microsoft is leading new generation of gaming which is more personal and interactive by calling gamers to get up off the couch.


3D Motion Capture 
This feature enables replication of real-life activities such as bowling, yoga, and water rafting

Facial Recognition
Allows multiple users to be uniquely identified during game play

Voice Recognition
Possible uses include enhanced user security and voice to text translation


Imagine watching a movie with your BF in China and posting commentary on Facebook about the movie. Or being able to dance with your loved one overseas and twittering your friends about it. Kinect literally puts you in the driver's seat of your entertainment experience. Although few games currently support Kinect technology, gaming powerhouses such as EA Games, Disney Interactive, and Blizzard Ent. have taken interest in establishing a position in this new generation of gaming. So who knows, the next time you play EA's "King of the Ring" you may get to see how fast Floyd Mayweather really is.
-Alphonso Carter

Developers could take education and training to another level by using Kinect's 3D motion capture. If someone wanted to learn karate, developers could create a karate training game which not only shows proper technique but corrects the user's movements to provide the most effective learning experience.
-Gregory Scott

Although no current security application exist on the Kinect, the device has huge potential. In the future, secure platforms will be essential to ensuring privacy when transferring medical information between doctors and patients. This system could do so via biometrics. Once the system is advanced enough, it could recognize individuals via eye scans or to an even greater degree, through fingerprint databases.
-Lee Warwick

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy sucks. It does work though. Trust me, I've had a lot of it. I was thrown from a truck in Pakistan in 2006 and broke many things including my neck. There were many times when I didn't want to go to therapy and just skipped it. Not only did it suck because of the pain, but it was super boring. Kinect's technology would be great for physical therapy, dancers, and athletes. Kinect could be used to find out if user movements meet positioning or sequence standards. Physical therapy would've been a lot better if it incorporated my interests and didn't hurt as much. A video game would do just that.
-Lee Warwick


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