Ustream is claimed to be a leading live interactive broadcast platform. It is a website that has a collection of networks of diverse channels providing a platform for live casting and live video streaming of events online. Anyone with an internet connection and a camera can use it. Its platform empowers any individual, public figure or brand to stream to a global audience of unlimited size. Ustream offers free broadcasting and viewing platforms for the Web and mobile devices. Ustream's technology allows users with any broadband connection to display live video feed but quality can increase to High Definition with higher bandwidth connections. The site has over 2 million registered users who generate 1.5+ million hours of live streamed content per month with over ten million unique hits per month.

Ustream has unlimited applications you use it to stream exactly what it advertises, you. There are people on Ustream that are streaming live gaming tournaments, cooking, sports, and pretty much anything you can think of. Ustream has a local client that installs on your computer and then all you need is an up-to-date browser and Ustream will install a plug-in that gives you instant access. Their website makes it easy to stream content in no time with little to no effort. Ustream's website is also very active and streaming content can reach up to 8.7 million videos available for viewing with a vast amount being live streams. Ustream can be used on mobile devices through iPhone, Android, or Windows 7 Phone applications, an example below.

Ustream iOS Application

  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Free live streaming
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Diverse content
  • Public Chat rooms
  • There is the option of a paid service feature, Watershed (pay-as-you-go), that allows users to display their own ads and logos.

How-To Ustream Video Tutorial

PC Magazine Review:
  • Pros
    • Extremely easy to use.
    • You can create an unlimited number of shows.
    • Built-in chat room enables interactive broadcasting.
    • Free.
  • Cons
    • No address book.
    • Video quality is only fair (depends on internet connection).
  • Bottom Line
    • Ustream.tv makes it so easy to broadcast live video, it's only a matter of time before everyone's doing it.
Celebrities on Ustream:
Celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Lucy McHale and Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars, Lil' Wayne, Miley Cyrus, and P. Diddy have used uStream.tv to live-stream with fans.

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