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Interested in watching video streams from your computer or a mobile wi-fi device? How about uploading your videos to the internet so that you and your friends can watch them? Veoh is a free online service that enables the user to do all of this.

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Veoh is a free video sharing service that allows users to upload their personal videos, view independent movies as well as other professionally made movies. The website allows users to search directly for a title, or click on one of the tabs at the top of the screen such as "TV," "movies," "music," or "channels." There are also forums and groups a member can be apart of. After carefully viewing the site there seems to be a good amount of popular tv shows however the movie section seems a bit outdated as there are many old films in black and white filling each category. Veoh allows users to stream the video directly from the site just like youtube or use the Veoh Web Player. The Veoh Web Player lets users watch full-length videos on Veoh.com. The player allows users to download video from Veoh.com as well as from other sites. (thomas)

Veoh Networks was founded in 2004 by Dmitry Shapiro, a serial entrepreneur with experience in communities, video and peer-to-peer protocols.


Veoh has a few applications one of which is a web player application. It is a desktop application that allows you to watch full length movies. The next application is called the Veoh compass which is a browser add on which allows you to search their website for videos from the tool bar. They also have another desktop application where you can upload videos to their site directly from your desktop. The last application allows you to add videos from other websites to a playlist.

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